This frustrates me.

So here are some things I've heard going on in the world of online marketing lately:

  • Google is making changes and bloggers are worried. I've JUST started learning SEO and I'm hearing so many people saying don't put your attention on Google - focus on Pinterest or Facebook or something because Google tanked a lot of sites and people are worried.
  • A local business owner had her Facebook account hacked and the hackers started running ads through her account (using her credit card info!). Not only did she lose her personal photos she lost her main source of business marketing!
  • And Instagram has flat out said that they're not favoring big accounts now and will be showing more from smaller accounts. So those who've build big followings there will lose a lot of their attention. We're not sure what this means for the world of the social media influencer.
  • And of course Tik Tok has been the talk lately but I'm not up on that and I don't use them.

Suffice to say there is NO STABILITY in other people's platforms!

Be it Google, be it social media, be it any website you don't own!

What frustrates me is to see people who've had massive traffic to their sites and even built big email lists still struggle to make money.

Your list should and could be earning you $1 per subscriber per month.

Let's say Google got real stingy and only sends you 1000 visitors per month. Convert 10% of those visitors and you'd be gaining 100 visitors per month. EARN from that list like I can teach you and you'd be growing your income by $100 per month, month after month!

Yes I've simplified this down. You probably won't get 10% of your visitors converting to subscribers BUT no matter what the percentage is every new subscriber is a person and that person is interested in something. Help them find it and you can make money.

No matter what is going on "out there" I hope you'll focus on building your list, EMAILING that list, building the connections and setting the stage for a business that withstands ANYTHING.


Talk soon,

Angela Wills

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