Hi! I'm Angela Wills of Living Lifestyle Freedom!

This email took ten minutes to write.

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One of the hardest things to do in this business is to get people interested in your offers.

As nice as it would be for the "if you build it they will come" saying to be a reality - it isn't.

It's work to build a community and connect with them.

The good news is once you practice and get it down it becomes MUCH easier.

It's 10:22 am as I type this up and I'm going to check the time again when I'm done, just to give you an idea of how long a typical email takes me to write.

Other than that I have to BUILD my list.

Now a fast way to build your list in a single effort is to join collaboration events like bundle sales and giveaways. I have a training on this that is free inside of my Email Practice Club library.

For May's Email Practice Club training I'm adding my Build Your List with Blog Traffic product to the club AND updating it to include what I know to date about doing SEO on your blog posts.

This is your help to get sales.

When I'm asked "how do I sell my products if I don't have an audience"... THIS is the answer.

You must build the audience now.

And if you build a community like I teach rather than a "burn and churn" list of people you pump for sales till they run away, you're building a business that gets EASIER over time, not harder.

But it doesn't start easy.

You gotta put in the work. Buckle down. Get er' done.

Hustle. OR Slow Hustle as I like to do.

You don't need to burn out. You can do this bit by bit, slow and steady. CONSISTENTLY (I know the word is overused but that is for a reason).

I hope you'll join me for this training. You can buy it now for $45 at this link OR you can join the club for only $20/month and get the blog SEO update, the training and an entire LIBRARY of training ready for you now.

Also EPC (Email Practice Club) includes:

  • Monthly Encouraging Pep Talk (coming in May)
  • Monthly Email Prompts (to help you come up with ideas for emails)
  • 50% off all Courses (save huge!)

The value is large for a small price of only $20/month or save $40 with the annual price of $200/year.

Join Email Practice Club here!

p.s. It's now 10:30am. This email took me 8 minutes to write (plus the extra I'm writing now). I think a lot of people hesitate to send daily emails because they think it will take too much time. If you've got 10 - 30 mins per day to create an income that really can't be beat then I think you should SERIOUSLY look at regular email marketing.

p.p.s. All my emails are written FULLY by me. No AI (Artificial Intelligence) at all. I believe in the art and craft of communication as a human so I write my own emails, always. I'll be sending you my full AI policy soon and will post it on my website.

Wishing you all the best!

Talk soon,

p.s. Deadline for Booking a Disney Vacation package with me is July 14th (extended date). This is booked and confirmed with a deposit. I will award you $1000 in Freedom Credits for doing so or referring me someone who does so. PLUS $50 Disney Card for the traveler. Just hit reply for no-pressure info or quote!

Angela Wills

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Hi! I'm Angela Wills of Living Lifestyle Freedom!

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