[Quitaversary Sale] $17 Classes for 17 years of freedom!

My Quitaversary Sale is here!

On May 24th, 2007, I walked off the factory lot where I worked an afternoon shift as a single mom and never went back.


When I quit my boss told me not to burn my bridges.

He underestimated me.

My family thought I was crazy. It was 2007 and nobody had any idea what people did online to make money back then.

And now, in 2024... it's a thing.

YOU have the ability to create what you want. The opportunity is so vast. And sometimes that's the problem. It's hard to sift and sort through all the advice to find something REAL.

After 17 years full-time (and 22 years total) I have the experience, the results, the lifestyle and it's my big passion to teach you how to create a life like I have, but all your own!

Because of email marketing and digital products I live life entirely on my terms.

In my Quitaversary sale you will find the classes that are foundational to my success. Please buy them and USE them to create the life YOU love!

Here are the classes included in this sale for only $17 EACH:

  • Know Your Numbers
  • Selling & Serving in Emails
  • List Building for Everyone
  • The Welcome Setup
  • ChatGPT for Authentic Email Marketing (not writing, though)
  • Build Your List with Blog Traffic
  • Writing Emails Faster
  • Build Your List with an Affiliate Program
  • Outrageous Goalsetting
  • Genuine Email Marketing
  • Endless Email Ideas
  • Build Your List with Bundle Events
  • Find Anything Anywhere
  • Finish Strong
  • Build Your List with Challenges

OR you can get all them for FREE when you join Email Practice Club for only $10 for your first month. The link to $10 club access is at the link below.

See all the classes here - Quitaversary Sale!

Email Practice Club members you have all these classes in membership so don't buy them. But I'd be so happy if you'd celebrate with me and send your favorite people to this sale (use your affiliate link) ;)


Talk soon,

Angela Wills

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